Friday 15 February 2013

Work at the Camden Palace Hotel - Part 1

There is some great urban art painted on walls at and near the Camden Palace Hotel on Camden Quay in Cork. Here, I'll look at two pieces painted on the front of the building. I'll cover some of the other pieces another time.

Below are two fantastic portraits. The first is by Psychonautes. I've seen a lot of his stuff around town and really like his style. I know this piece is called "Mode2" as Psychonautes has a picture of it posted on his Flickr page:

The second piece just has a small skull and crossbones painted beside it (pictured below). A piece very similar to this one was painted on a wall at Magic's Tattoo Studio on Roberts Street, off Oliver Plunkett Street, in Cork. I know from info on Psychonautes' Flickr page that it was a collaboration between Psychonautes and another artist called Psyn RWK from New York:

If you look at the link, you'll see that it is the same picture with the addition of a skull in a thought bubble. I know the skull is a Psychonautes specialty, so the portrait part of the piece is by Psyn RWK. The Magics Tattoo version of this portrait is called "Dark Thoughts". I am not sure what the Camden Palace version is called.

The above photos were taken by me in August 2012. So far, these pieces are still "alive and well"....

While writing this entry, I realised that I did not take a general shot of the two pieces in situ on the front of the Camden Palace Hotel. Doh! However, I see that Psychonautes has posted one on his Flickr page that shows Psyn RWK working on his piece:

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