Saturday 13 September 2014

People's Republic of Cork

Last year, a great mural was put up at the corner of Cornmarket Street and Kyle Street in Cork. It was done by artist Tom Doig on behalf of the people at the People's Republic of Cork, a website providing events information, music guides, chat forums, etc. associated with Cork. 

According to Doig, the idea was to create
a mural in the centre of Cork City in order to brighten up a fairly delapidated area of town while at the same time celebrate some of Cork’s most recognisable citizens.  We came up with a design that incorporated the theme of a ‘People’s Republic’, which would be recognisable to most Corkonians.  The famous Cork people included are: Roy Keane (Footballer), Rory Gallagher (Guitarist), Frank O'Connor (Writer), Sonia O'Sullivan (Olympic Athlete) and Mother Jones (Trade Unionist).

He said the mural was put up over four days in July 2013. I finally noticed it this year ( : - p ) and photographed it this July - one year later. Better late than never, I guess?! It is a bit weathered, but still in good shape...

Roy Keane


Rory Gallagher

Frank O'Connor and Sonia O'Sullivan

Mother Jones

Links, links and more links!!

Here is a blog post about the making of the mural, written by the artist, Tom Doig:

The website of the People's Republic of Cork:

And a write-up about the mural on that website:

A video of the mural taking shape, with some music by Rory Gallagher:

Here's a video of Roy Keane appearing on the Late Late Show:

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Rory Gallagher plays "Cradle Rock" at Montreux in 1975:

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An interview with Frank O'Connor from a 1957 edition of The Paris Review:

A 2012 article on Frank O'Connor from The Guardian:

Sonia O'Sullivan wins silver in Sydney in 2000:

Career highlights of Sonia O'Sullivan:

A short documentary on Mother Jones:

The website of the magazine that bears Mother Jones' name:

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