Monday 21 July 2014

LiveStyles, Cork 2014 - Part 2 - Coburg Lane

This is part two of a series I'm doing on street art pieces painted during the recent LiveStyles Hip Hop Festival, which ran over the June Bank Holiday weekend in Cork. This post will deal with pieces that were painted in Coburg Lane, which runs behind the Sin É pub. The two walls in the back of the lane are covered with some nice work.

The first piece below is a collaboration between Psychonautes and Foundry.

This is the wall along the south side of the lane.  It's covered in some work done by Spore and Macism. I've set out below photos of the pieces along this wall, from left to right.

Next are the pieces along the north side of the lane. Again, I've set out below photos of the pieces along this wall, from left to right. The one exception is the piece at the far right of this wall. That is a piece by Psychonautes called "Lil' Holly". He painted it last year, and I've already covered it in a previous blog post (


These bits were done by Nol and Dusto, I think...


This one was done by Nol (outline) and Dusto (fill)...


While photographing in the lane, I was joined by another street art enthusiast....

Coburg Lane is the home of the Flava Floors Dance Studio, run by Dusto, who is the main organiser of the LiveStyles Fest. These are some stickers posted up outside the studio, contributed by visitors...

Links!! for more great work by these artists!

Here is Spore's Flickr page:

Here is Macism's Flickr page:

Here's a link to the Nol/Dusto goldfish piece on Dusto's Flickr page:

Here's a link to the Psychonautes/Foundry piece on Psychonautes' Facebook page:

...and on Foundry's Flickr page:

Here is Psychonautes' Flickr page as well:

Here is Nol's Flickr page:

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