Saturday 9 August 2014

LiveStyles, Cork 2014 - Part 4 - Crane Lane

In this part of my series on street art painted during the recent LiveStyles Festival, I'll share the pieces that were done in Crane Lane. As you'll know from my other posts, the festival took place over the June Bank Holiday weekend, and some great street art was painted in different parts of the city by local and visiting artists.

Before the festival, there was already a superb piece by Dusto in Crane Lane that I covered in a blog post in June last year ( Now there are four pieces in Crane Lane. In the first photo below, Dusto's original piece is the one that's second from the left, flanked by two pieces by Eoin.

This is the first piece from the left, painted by Eoin....

This is the third piece from the left, the second here by Eoin....

The fourth piece on the wall, furthest on the right, is by Dscreet....


Below are some LINKS to more work by Eoin and Dscreet...

Eoin has a website of his own with a blog!

Eoin on Flickr:

And his Facebook page:

And a couple of interviews with Eoin:

And a video on YouTube of him working in Hawaii:

Dscreet also has his own website:

And he's on facebook:

And some interviews with Dscreet:

So now.

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  1. Hi. this one is a great post of yours. your paintings are very nice, its cool in eyes. but by the way did you use Crane Parts here?