Thursday 23 October 2014

Canvassing (Parts of) Tuscany - Part 2 - Graffiti in Arezzo

In this post, I'll share some of the graffiti/street art that I found while combing the streets of Arezzo in Tuscany during a recent family holiday. I captured a range of pieces, from commercial art to stickers to stencils and doodles. I'll just post them all here, grouped by type, and y'all can feast your eyes on whatever pieces you like.

On a side note, as an experiment, I took nearly all of these (except two?) with the camera on my Samsung SII smartphone. I think they turned out pretty well.

OK, first we'll look at some commercial art. The first three photos were taken of pieces at a gelato shop in the old city centre. The first pic - of the Rasputin-like character - is on an outside wall. The next one is inside, as is the drawing. They have a Manga kind of feel to them. There are some initials ("ZJK") on the drawing, which I assume is the template for the bigger pieces.

The next piece adorns the doorway of a dance clothing shop....

There is a name painted into the piece, but I had trouble making it out properly at first. After some searching, I found the painter seems to be Gianluca Bosello, a painting instructor at a place called Accademia 49 in Cesena, Italy. There is a mini-profile of him at this link:

Also, here is a link to the shop's Facebook page, where they have a folder with photos of this piece being painted:

Moving on, there were a lot of what I would call "doodles" around the city, and here is a selection of the better ones....

And now, here are the stickers. There were a lot of stickers....

Rough translation: "Revolt against the modern world!"

There was some old fashioned graffiti down around the train station, as you might expect....

And there was a bit of text on the city walls as well....

Rough translation: "The fact is that of all the ways to be happy I choose you". 

Very rough translation: "You who of stars dressed the sky". Probably wrong, though!

The above phrase seems to be from a fierce romantic Italian pop song called "Non è mai abbastanza" ("It's never enough") by a band called Modà. Very passionate stuff. Here's a link to the video for the song on YouTube:

Rough translation: "You are chaos, the chaos that stabilises my weak heart. I love you."

There were a goodly number of stencils around the city, as well....

Translation: "Safety?"

Translation: "I'll find you".

Rough translation: "The Revolution? Today no... Tomorrow maybe. The day after tomorrow definitely..." 

I'm too tired at this stage to put up links this time. And I bet you're too tired to look at links. So let's call it a day.

Alla prossima....

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