Sunday 19 October 2014

Special Bulletin: "Surplus Candy" profiles graffiti centres and artists

Ladles and Gentlemints, we interrupt our irregularly scheduled posting to bring you this interesting message....

I learned from a friend in the States that there is a new YouTube series called "Surplus Candy" that is profiling graffiti centres around the world, or at least in the "New World". It is hosted by a guy named Hanksy, who interviews local folks about the graffiti/street art scenes in their cities.

It looks like there are two episodes so far....

In the first, Mr. Hansky visited Montreal:

The second episode highlighted the developing scene in Detroit:

Here is an article in The Huffington Post about the Detroit episode, with some images by local artists:

The show seems to be produced by a group called The Hundreds, and the episodes are published on their YouTube channel:

The Hundreds have the usual social network links and pages. Info on their Facebook page says:
Company Overview
At it’s core, The Hundreds is a multi-faceted project that houses an apparel and accessories brand, footwear range, eyewear, online-magazine, print magazine and retail stores. All ends of The Hundreds incorporate our trademark lifestyle, attitude, and personal perspective on street subculture.
The Hundreds clothing is inspired by LOS ANGELES LIFESTYLE / CALIFORNIA CULTURE and Southern California’...s skateboarding, surf, punk, and hip-hop cultures. The design is also reminiscent of 1980s surf-culture t-shirts, independent skateboard company apparel of the 1990s, and the advent of “streetwear” at the end of the millennium. The line is sold in limited quantities in the world’s most prestigious streetwear and skate boutiques and has been recognized by media such as Inc., the New York Times Magazine, Antenna, Giant Robot, KoreAm, MuchMusic Television, and T Magazine.
So it is a business, but now you have been warned. I've watched the "Surplus Candy" episodes, though, and they are good - worth a look! (The animated Tom Hanks face gets a bit old after a short while, though.)

Happy viewing.

UPDATE 5/10/2014
Here is episode three of Surplus Candy, where Hanksy visits Philadelphia:

UPDATE 23/11/2014
Here is episode four of Surplus Candy, where Hanksy visits Portland:

UPDATE 29/11/2014
Here is episode five of Surplus Candy, where Hanksy visits Chicago:

UPDATE 18/03/2015
Here is episode six of Surplus Candy, where Hanksy visits Austin:


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