Thursday 6 November 2014

Canvassing (Parts of) Tuscany - Part 4 - A Gate in Old Arezzo

While wandering around Arezzo looking for "street art", like that covered in my last two posts, I came across this metal gate that I find absolutely charming for some reason.

The gate is located on Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, and it looks like it could form the back entrance to the Museo Statale D'arte Medioevale E Moderna (National Museum of Medieval and Modern Art), which fronts onto Via San Lorentino. It seems to be made of bronze, and it features four three-dimensional scenes on panels set into the gate.

The scenes probably have some symbolic meaning, which I haven't discovered yet. I do like them very much, though. I would say that the three-dimensional nature of the scenes, pushing out of the "traditional" two-dimensional space, echoes similar approaches in ancient Etruscan art. I know the Etruscans, and their descendants the Tuscans, made three-dimensional scenes in terracotta.

Anyway, here are the scenes on the gate, moving from left to right...

I did find a name etched into the gate. I haven't been able to fully work it out, though, and internet searches haven't turned up anything on it yet. You can see the artist's name (Sioni? Siorini? Siorivi?) in the photo below. It looks like the gate was made in October 2007.

If you know or find out who made the gate, please leave a comment as I'd love to find out who the artist was.


I am conscious I did not give any links for Arezzo itself in previous posts, so I will include a few here.

Here is a travel guide video, giving a good overview:

This video literally provides you with an overview of the city:

Roberto Benigni's award-winning film La vita รจ bella was filmed in Arezzo, and many of the scenes take place in the beautiful old centre of the city.

If you have two hours to spare for some cultural exploration, you can watch this video of the June 2014 edition of the Giostra del Saracino (Joust of the Saracen), a Medieval style jousting tournament that takes place in the city's Piazza Grande. Crazily cool stuff:

If you happen to be in Arezzo sometime, here are two of the best restaurants in the world, within 20 feet of each other on Via Mazzini:
Antica Osteria L'Agania:
Trattoria Il Saraceno:

Finally, a quick word on Etruscan art:

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