Saturday 8 November 2014

Keep Calm in Cork, Like

After our sunny Italian adventure, we're returning home again to the rain-swept streets of Cork.

The piece I'm covering this time involves a real Cork character: Bernard "Bernie" Murphy. He worked as a sandwich-board man, I see, but he caused a shock in 1985 when he got himself elected as in independent to Cork City Council.

The piece, of course, is a bright Cork version of all the "Keep Calm and ..." signs that have been around lately. It is located at the back of Ziggy's pub on Tuckey Street, just near South Main.

Mr. Zara based the image on a portrait photograph of Bernie Murphy that you can see on the Irish Independent website, accompanying a 2007 article on the Corkman at the time of his death. I have provided the link below.


You can see a copy of a similar piece on Mr. Zara's Twitter feed at 12 May 2014:

And on his Facebook page at 13 May:

Here's a Wikipedia article about the original "Keep Calm" poster:

Here are two stories from The Irish Examiner about Bernie Murphy:

This is a story in The Irish Independent about the man:

This is a link to a 1987 article in the Los Angeles Times about him:

Some related election literature:

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