Thursday 23 May 2013

Apparent Banksy Tribute

Another flying post today, though I'm feeling better, thanks for asking.

Today's pieces were found together along the Ballyhooly Road a bit beyond St. Luke's. It's hard to tell if they were done by the same person, but it's possible to probable. The blue paint seems to be the same shade on the two pieces, not that that necessarily means anything, but then again it might....

The piece on top looks like a tribute to the iconic Banksy image of a rioting, flower-throwing maniac, which Google tells me was called "Rage, Flower Thrower". I was going to post a link to an image of it somewhere, but it seems to be everywhere, so I won't bother. Copies of it are even available to be purchased on Ebay and from Walmart, amongst others, which might be great or depressing news, depending how you look at it....

The second image is another version of a piece on Wellingon Road that I included in my 1 March post.

I took these photos in August 2012.

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