Friday 24 May 2013

Pistol Pumps

I found these colourful pieces along Douglas Street. There was a series of four pictures, each showing the same funky "pistol pump" shoe design with different colour combinations - red with a yellow background, yellow with green, pink with orange and blue with purple.

Unfortunately the latter two were splattered with some kind of horrible gunk that I chose not to investigate. So I can only share the others with you.

There may be another inspiration for these that I'm not aware of, but they remind me of something Andy Warhol might have done....

These pictures were all taken by me in August 2012.

Oddly enough, at least to me, it seems people have actually designed shoes like this, with a gun-shaped heel. Just google it and you'll see. Bizarre.


This thought-provoking piece was located near the above one, so I am including it here.

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