Friday 28 June 2013

LiveStyles, Cork, 2013 - Part 3 - White Street Carpark

Following on from my previous posts about the LiveStyles hip hop festival in Cork, which took place over the June Bank Holiday weekend, running from 1 May to 3 June 2013. I am now posting photos I took of pieces that I found in the White Street carpark after the festival.

I'm not sure if all of these pieces were done as part of the festival. Most of them were, but I know at least one piece wasn't. Does it matter? They are all good, and should be shared here in any event.... Unfortunately, I was not able to get shots of all the pieces in the carpark as, oddly enough, there were a number of cars parked around the place.

I won't be trying to identify the artists here, mainly as most of the pieces speak for themselves.... By the way, there are other photos of some of these and other pieces posted on the LiveStyles Facebook page. Here's the link:!/LiveStylesFest

These photos were all taken by me in June 2013. Enjoy!

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