Wednesday 17 July 2013

Biting the Apple

I found an interesting sticker on Lavitt's Quay, near the Cork Opera House, in September 2012.

In the shot I took below, the sticker is small and hard to make out, but it is the third one down along the side of the metal junction box.

It seems to be a modern, sci-fi, take on the old tale of Adam, Eve and the apple from the Tree of Knowledge.... It makes me think of similar sci-fi "awakening" stories, like The Matrix or the Sonmi-451 story thread in Cloud Atlas....

I just hope the apple really is an apple and not Soylent Green.....

The letters "CCI" are visible next to the barcodes on the leg and arm of the two figures. Perhaps this is the artist?

Googling about very quickly, it looks like there is a graffiti artist from Australia that uses that name:

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