Monday 15 July 2013

Distracted by Abstracts

Last year, some charming abstract drawings began popping up here and there around Cork. The first I found was this one, at the bus stop on Summerhill North. I took these three photos of the piece in August 2012.

At first, the drawing might seem like a doodle, but as you look closer, you can see the colourful, intricate patterns woven by the artist's... well, I'm not sure what... paint pens?

I found a goodly number of these pieces around the city. Most of what I found I can share with you here, but sadly there were two at least - on Sullivan's Quay and on Half Moon Street, behind the Cork Opera House - that were too badly eroded to be worth photographing.

Here is a piece that was drawn on an old, torn poster on Wellington Road. These two photos were also taken by me in August 2012.

Initially, I thought these pieces were just abstract works, pure and simple. But, as I've examined them, I've realised that they actually seem to be words drawn in a very stylised, abstract way, rather like more traditional "wildstyle" graffiti executed in miniature.... These pieces are all on the small side.

This piece is a good example; it looks like a word of some kind. It appeared on Wellington Road at about the same time as the one above. This one was quite small, drawn (in chalk?) on a sign board at the market across from the Glenvera Hotel. I took these two photos in August 2012.

Here is another Wellington Road piece, this time drawn on the side of a portable steel shed. These four photos were taken by me in August 2012.

I found this piece drawn on a wall in the lane the runs between the White Street car park and Sawmill Street. I took these three photos in August 2012.

I found this piece drawn on a wall along Parnell Place. I took these three photos in September 2012.

This piece was drawn on a wall near St. Mary's Church on Pope's Quay. These three photos were also taken by me in September 2012.

This piece was also located on Pope's Quay, drawn on a door a bit further down from the previous one. I took these two photos in September 2012.

I found and photographed this piece in October 2012. In this case, it looks like I found the piece a bit late, after it had eroded and a lot of the colour had faded.... Pity.

So who is the artist? I have no idea, of course. In fact, I am only assuming these were all drawn by the same person. But the method and technique seems to be consistent across all the pieces... Maybe someone out there knows?

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