Tuesday 9 July 2013

Kong's Urban Canvas

This is another classic piece of Cork street art. "My Urban Canvas" by Kong is painted on the Emmet Place side of the Crawford Art Gallery.

The piece seems to have been at the Crawford since at least 2010, from what I can see quickly "googling" around on the internet. But I think it is likely to be much older.... 

I found pictures of an almost identicle piece dating from 2006. The only difference I can see between the two versions is the sign, which reads "Hey Babe". I'm not sure where that piece was located, though.

Here's a link to that other version, posted on the Flickr page of Kieran Hynes:  

Kieran has a wealth of Cork graffiti photos on his Flickr page, including other works by Kong, so check them out while you are over there! 

Also, here is a link to the Crawford Gallery's website:

The first photo above was taken by me in May 2013 and the second in August 2012.

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